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Vetratoria windsurfing & SUP center managed to keep two windsurfing centers (at the Ganet Sinai and Swiss Inn Resort), but also expanded by adding another, from the right hand side side of Swiss Inn Resort. This new center main specification are wings and foils. The beach in front of the station is very spacious, there is also enough open water area. Lessons, equipment rental, storage are available at the center. For the first steps, a combination of a wing + SUP board is best option, with a transition to a board with foil later on.

Already middle of the winter passed. Like everything around weather is not usual for us as well. We have much more windy days as it should be by wind statistic data, and sea & air temperature is a bit high as well. Kids are playing and swimming easily in front of our center, while parents are windsurfing with small sail sizes outside in the Lagoon or Speedy zone.

After calm summer, when most of our stuff are on holidays, we are ready for full power work in 2019-2020 season. Buy the way our camera-man Paparazzo is back and we start to update our photo-gallery.

June in Dahab never was a hot month, otherwise, after hot windy days in May, June wind is more cool and chilling. At the same time sun stay in it zenith, making water color unbelievable bright and blue, shallow water start to be worm, making windsurfing sessions on the water especially nice and longer.
In June comes on a constant base famous Dahab thermal wind, with strong winds in the mornings and constant and smooth winds in the afternoon, ideal for beginners and intermediate riders.

Our days foil or Hydrofoil in windsurfing is not new anymore. We did already one article about it long ago and finally we got it in our center in Dahab. We offer you serial RRD WH-Flight Hydrofoil with 85 cm. mast, 120 cm. fuselage and carbon wings. Our center offers foil tuition and rental. Basic requirements to start learning windsurf foil are confident planing in footstraps and harness, also will be an advance if you know how to make pumping, so common technique on slalom in light wind.

Winter in Dahab make some significant weather changes. Off course we don’t have any heavy snow fall and we don’t any snow at all. Yes, it could be a little bit cold with dramatically temperature drops till +15, but big difference we can see in wind direction and it’s strength. Earlier morning till almost mid-day can be side off shore west wind, with almost no wind in front of our center, very gusty 200-300 meters outside and perfect strong & smooth 600-700 meters away.

Dahab looks busy again, so we decide to make some special activity at evenings at our center. Every Friday we do open-air BBQ, Sunday dance classes, Monday- movie at the big screen, Tuesday dinner at the restaurant with sea view on Red Sea, Wednesday tracking to mountains, Thursday table games.
This will stay till the middle on January, after short brake and we hope to resume it at spring time.
See you on the water and not only :)

Last month was windy every day- because summer in Dahab starts already. Now weather is constant, temperature every day is same and will not get hotter. Earlier sun rise create constant thermal wind which blows in the Lagoon & Speedy.`Summer here also mean big and sweet water melons which costs now around 2 Euro per piece. Cold water melon is best thing after long windsurf session. Visit us in summer and share with us this great time.

See you on the water!

For more than 2 years rest&rescue island was missing in the "Speedy" area and finally it is back to it's original place. Big greetings for our Said, one of our Vetratoria team member, who was claiming a lot of authorities from Dahab to Cairo, making this possible.

This year weather was a bit strange in Egypt, Dahab. Maybe there is some correlation between cold and snowy days in Europe, maybe sun is a little bit hotter. Anyway quite common strong south winds once a month was missing, was almost no rain and temperature did’t drop down below 20 degree at night. This makes see warmer than usual and already in March we have wind like in May- it is constant, starts in the morning and make good condition both for beginners and intermediate riders.

Making windsurfing together with you makes us happy. Be smiling and go riding!

At the end of the last year (2017) Egypt introduced new rules in visa regulation concerning touristic visa.

So, if you decided to visit Egypt and would like to stay in Dahab you can choose among next options:

So, 2018’s come to Dahab, Egypt! We were happy to see you during last year in our new Vetratoria Windsurfing & SUP Centre Swiss Inn.
Our special greetings go to Vetratoria Vietnam team & friends, we send this video to you as New Year gift. Enjoy!

Our windsurf & SUP centers are official RRD test centers and we are incredibly proud for Antoine Albeau, RRD team pro-rider. This year he had won another WORLD CUP TITLE in PWA slaom!
This is the 5th title in the last 6 years, a real achievement! All this is the combined result of Antoine's great talent together with the commitment of the whole team on the development of the slalom boards.
RRD also won the PWA CONSTRUCTOR SLALOM BOARDS ranking...and they will not stop because the new X-FIRE V10 is even faster, so the best just got better...

This news for those, who are not following us in social media. Earlier in September our centre in Dahab already got brand new sails, they are more bright, with lot’s of new feature- come to us and we will burn together!

Also we got some new boards, completely fresh, just from the boxes, with new footstraps and lots of air bubble film or how we call it anti-stress toy for no windy days :)

Dear friends, 16 September is International Beach Clean Up Day. Join us, with no matter of your location, on this date more than 12 million of volunteers all over the world will take part taking rubbish from coastal line. Off course, one day is not enough to cleaning our ocean and sea from various rubbish, especially plastic. We hope that everyone will carry more about our planet. RRD company is trying to reduce quantity of package and non recycle material in its work.

A lot of interesting people come to Dahab to windsurf with Vetratoria centre. Chantal Manganiello is one of them. She is a painter from France, Paris. Chantal with her husband like windsurfing and travelling, her sketches reflects most of her trips and activities. In no windy days or after sailing she was always busy with the scratch pad, making cartoons or drafts. She was always happy to share with others with her work, saying this are kind of souvenir for her, which she brought home from her trips.

In the beginning of May we decided to make one more long SUP trip, this time we did start from Assala village. It is very famous place for people, who decide to stay in Dahab over winter, but little known for tourists, who stay in hotels in Lagoon.

From main windsurf area of Dahab to a big market place called Assala it is possible to go by taxi within less then 1Euro, but in this case you will not see entire picture of Dahab. We would like to show you what you can see if you would like to walk from beginning of Dahab to the end. Starting from any hotel of Dahab Lagoon and going to the North you will reach very fast most unexplored part, starting after Happy Inn camp and Happy kite station after kite lagoon.

When it is windy in Dahab, everybody knows what exactly to do, but as soon as comes day without wind it is a difficult choice what to do...? It is possible to make a SUP session, to go diving or spend a day in mountains with which Dahab is surrounded. In this article we want to share with you our photos and the small story about one windless day which we spend in “Wadi Gnai el Rayan”.

Whether you are parents and want to bring your own kids to windsurfing- then you need to do it early.
Coming to windsurfing in a young age is good way to guaranty fast progression and be addicted to this nice sport forever. If they are young and want to take part in it, you should sign in them for windsurfing lesson right now!

In 2006 (10 years ago) in Egypt (Dahab) Vetratoria windsurfing & SUP centre has started its work. It was a small centre at that time equipped with almost unknown Italian windsurf brand RRD. The time has passed and our centre has started to expand, so now it is the biggest in Dahab, it is equipped with around 350 boards and 500 sails. In 2011 Vetratoria opened a new centre in Vietnamm (Mui Ne), in two upcoming years we expanded to Greece (Kos) and opened the biggest windsurf and kite centre in Russia on Azov sea.

Windsurfing, as any other sport, implies not only sailing with friends but also has a variety of disciplines to compete in:
-slalom (course-race, downwind run, with 3-5 jibe turns, normal distance takes around 3-5 minutes to finish one heat). For the last 4 years title in PWA world slalom tour belongs to Antoine Albeau - RRD pro-rider. At our centres you can rent X-fire slalom board - same as Antoine Albeau has had in PWA.

Dahab is a well-known place for windsurfing. Its main windsurf area is surrounded by famous hotels, where they try to cook European style food: different types of pasta and pizza, rice, vegetables. Every hotel serves oriental food as well, but nobody supplies so big a variety of fresh fruits as the local fruit market located in the district Assala (it’s a non-touristic district of Dahab, populated by locals).

Recently we post a message on our Facebook page about “Mud Lake”. Some people afterwards visit this place and now it’s time to unhide it to everybody. Visiting it will take long time from you, but it is good alternative to be busy in no-windy day.

Mud Lake is famous with its blue clay (same like on Dead Sea) and is very popular among the local population as well as among Europeans. And, most importantly, it is step available from our centre!

Dahab is a very famous place for windsurfing. In Dahab Lagoon there are 3 different zones for windsurfing: Lagoon(protected area with sand bar), Speedy(flat water and more constant wind), Kamikaze(open sea with swell up to 2-3 meter, no shore breaking waves). Great wind statistics during the whole year and even in a windy a day we have a light wind in front of our centre. It is great for first steps in windsurfing and especially for kids.

Dahab is famous for its amazing statistics; even in a “low season” it can be 50-60% probability for the wind speed above 20 knots or 4 Bft. In summer time this statistics are around 70-80%.

Welcome to “Vetratoria” club!
After your 1st visit you become a member of our water sport chain “Vetratoria”. We issue a club card on your name. Since this moment you have privileges and discounts.
Every card is given on a name of its holder. In case you forgot to travel with it, no worries you are in the guest data base that allows us to see all the information on your visits and offer you privileges and discounts according to your card type.

Dear friends!
The winter season has come to its end. For some it was snowy, for some sunny or rainy. This time we are up for a great season at The Aegean Sea in the paradise place Kefalos on the Kos island. Our Vetratoria station is ready for new and old friends from the end of April. You are invited to the official season opening on May, 2nd. Welcome to the windsurfing paradise!
For more information you can contact us greece@vetratoria.ru

Study visit
Our pilot project aimed to encourage youngsters to explore the world of water sports.

Thinking about holiday in Dahab you should understand what this place and our friendly “Vetratoria” team can offer to you. It doesn’t matter if you come alone or with your family or friends - we can offer different activities for everybody!

For this winter it's first strong south wind. North wind is prevailing in Dahab, strong wind from south (on-shore) can be only in winter times, then there is no thermal effect coming from the desert. Both Windguru & Windfinder forecast didn't predict any wind for today, so this wind was like a gift for everybody in Dahab. From our chill-out on the second floor it was easy to see how wind is coming- far away in the sea- it was moving towards us like a wall. The wind around 20 knots and big waves came in a split of a second.

January is usually quite month in Dahab, but not for local events. For more than 100 years every year on the same day 10th of January in the middle of Sinai desert in Wadi Zalaga are hold camel races. For the last years this event is also famous for tourists, it easy to take part in this epic show. Meanwhile Dahab lagoon is warm, water and wind is not cold, in the middle of Sinai Desert at night temperature can be around 0 degree Celsius. Evening time is good to relax and try traditional bedouin food and tea made on open fire.

So, 2016’s come to Dahab, Egypt! We were happy to have you with us for a New Year party in our new Vetratoria Windsurfing & SUP Centre Swiss Inn. It feels great to follow our tradition to meet up for this event. We say “Cheers” to those of you who came as a surprise for this night & those who followed the wind & decided to share these moments of joy with us. Our special thanx go for those who took part in all the preparations to make this venue happen. Guys you are great!

We are glad to give you a glimpse at our trip to a UNESCO world heritage site in the Sinai peninsular.

Antoine Albeau wins his 4th consecutive PWA Slalom World Title riding RRD X-Fire LTD boards and his 23rd personal World Title!
Antoine collecting an incredible 4th consecutive world title, which is his 23rd overall world crown. Antoine Albeau said: “It feels super good, it was a bit difficult with the points because I wasn’t really sure of the scenarios, but now it feels great to win one more world title.”
Congratulation from Vetratoria windsurfing & SUP RRD official test centre, Dahab.

Did you know, that on our beach a bit aside from Vetratoria centre they have a magic lake? This tiny lake contains blue clay that works wonders for your health! Watch our report on these pictures and sunny greetz from all of us!

Making first steps in windsurfing usually makes you uphole most of the time. Meanwhile advanced sailors just jump directly onto the board from the beach and go full speed after. It looks very easy to do but lets’ try to understand key features of it.

Start from November, 22 Vetratoria Windsurfing & SUP centre, Dahab offer you special offer for windsurf rental of brand new RRD boards and sails -40% from standard rate, and -10% for lessons (group and private)!
By the way, do you know we are RRD's official test centre here in Egypt ;)

Bedouin Planet

It’s become our tradition to figuratively fly off with all our Vetratoria guests to the Heartland of the Bedouins each week. To start off our journey we begin in Dahab. What makes this journey especially nice is that it is just 5 minutes from out Vetratoria centre to the beautiful canyons surrounded by the colourful Sinai mountains.

Winter is coming, it means new windsurf season will start soon for our Vetratoria centre in Vietnam, Mui Ne. We offer traditionally windsurfing, SUP and kiteboarding lessons, rental and storage. At this destination you also can try to surf waves.

Unpacking new equipment.

We have got brand new boards from RRD. Our boards are from the latest collection of  2015/2016: more than 50 brand new boards from Roberto Ricci Design are waiting for you!

New boards are unpacked, foot straps and fins are screwed on!