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Kiteboarding is a good alternative and combination for windsurfing. You will experience a lot of fun while piloting a kite and then riding a board. Our Happy Kite school www.happy-kite.com is 5 minutes away from Vetratoria Windsurfing & SUP centre (Swiss Inn Resort) and located directly in kite lagoon with beautiful waist deep flat water. We offer beginner, intermediate and advanced IKO kite courses for everyone in Russian/English languages. Maybe you are already a kite surfer & would just like to rent & ride our latest year models of RRD kites/boards or bring your own equipment & just hang out & ride with us? So, you are on the right track! We are offering nice relaxing chill-out zones, WC, warm shower, lockers, beverages and WI-FI connection. 
The class price includes a lesson with an IKO instructor, equipment rent, harness, insurance and special radio-helmet that alllows you to hear instructor's advice, wetsuits are also available.  For winter-December-February- we advise you to have a long wetsuit (3-5 mm). 

We also provide the IKO certifications.

To contact us - send an email to manager@happy-kite.com or call +201060561912

Kitesurfing classes


9 hour class with instructor

Includes a 9-hour programme plus more practice (riding both sides and making turns) and ideally suits for upgrading your current skills

* Every extra hour costs 50 €

= 500€

6 hour class with instructor

You will learn the basic techniques of kiteboarding, piloting and safety systems. Theory includes “wind window”, set up and launching a kite. Practice includes safe piloting, body dragging and water start.

  • *6 hours is an average time to start from the scratch and being able to ride in both sides, BUT the results comes individually and depends on your skills and desire.
= 400€

3 hour class with instructor

Ideally for the first steps in kiteboarding (theory+some practice) and refreshing your prior skills.
Usually for beginners a 3 hour class is not enough to complete the course. But you will inderstand that life is boring without kitesurfing:)
* You can take a 3 hour class to discover kitesurfing or re-fresh/upgrade your skills
= 200€

Individual 1 hour class with instructor

You can use a 1 hour class to discover kiteboarding or to re-fresh your skills.
= 70€

Rent RRD equipment


1 hour = 60€


1 day = 70€


2 days = 120€


3 days = 180€


4 days = 220€


1 week = 330€


10 days = 400€


  • To rent a board only - 50% discount
  • To change kite size - without extra charge
  • To rent one set for 2 people- 20% extra cost
  • Harness/wetsuit rent - 5 € per day


1 set of equipment:

10 euro/day

45 euro/week

= 10€