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First south(on-shore) wind of this winter

For this winter it's first strong south wind. North wind is prevailing in Dahab, strong wind from south (on-shore) can be only in winter times, then there is no thermal effect coming from the desert. Both Windguru & Windfinder forecast didn't predict any wind for today, so this wind was like a gift for everybody in Dahab. From our chill-out on the second floor it was easy to see how wind is coming- far away in the sea- it was moving towards us like a wall. The wind around 20 knots and big waves came in a split of a second. Mahmud was the first man on water with his “traditional” 8.6 & slalom kit. Afterwards most common sails on water were 4.7-5.0. Warm water, constant wind allow us to spend hours on the water.as first on a water with traditional 8.6 & slalom kit. After most common sail on a water were 4.7-5.0. Warm water, constant wind allows to spend hours on the water.