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Camel race in Sinai

January is usually quite month in Dahab, but not for local events. For more than 100 years every year on the same day 10th of January in the middle of Sinai desert in Wadi Zalaga are hold camel races. For the last years this event is also famous for tourists, it easy to take part in this epic show. Meanwhile Dahab lagoon is warm, water and wind is not cold, in the middle of Sinai Desert at night temperature can be around 0 degree Celsius. Evening time is good to relax and try traditional bedouin food and tea made on open fire.
Camel race start on earlier morning. Over 25 camels take part in this amazing race- usually lazy camels can ride 40 kilometers distance with max speed up to 60 km. per hour! Bedouin tribes prepare their fast and enduring camels and only 6-7 years old boys will defend the honor of their tribes. It gives them not only fun, but respect and very good money from prize pool. This year first place took camel from Tarabeen tribe. Event is opened not only for bedouin tribes but for tourists as well. Hope to see you with us on next camel race. Your Vetratoria team.